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Cosy Cocoon (Junior)

Cosy Cocoon (Junior)

325.00(Excl. VAT + Delivery)


  • Safe quiet cosy place where children can relax away from the noise of the playground
  • Suitable for young children with autism and sensory difficulties
  • A go-to place for calm and shelter when outside


  • Safe surround for children to shelter, self regulate and relax in
  • No special knowledge or skills required by supervisors
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Ideal for installation on level concrete grounds.
  • Can be installed onto concrete footings
  • Comes in plate base version for fixed installation on concrete or pad base version for installation on any level surface. The pad base version can be relocated.


The Cosy Cocoon Registered Community Design number is 007975214-0001.


Product to be installed to manufacturers recommendations. No climbing/Swinging off Product and children must be supervised at all times. General maintenance such as cleaning and checking of fixings required before use.


Length: 750mm · Height: 1050mm · Depth: 610mm

Plate Base Version €325

Pad Base Version €400

More Info

On a busy playground it’s important to respect that some children’s needs include the need for a safe, quiet and cosy space where they can relax. Some will use the space to engage in self-regulation and practice their calming techniques if they are finding the playground overwhelming. This is particularly true for young people with autism and people with sensory difficulties. From time to time for example young people with ASD need this time and space away from the Hustle bustle of a busy playground. By having a section of the playground devoted to a hub of cosy cocoons (or even just one or two) these young people know they have a safe space to use should they need it. They do not need to go inside to find a calm space. And, can be supervised easily as they can be seen from two sides.


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