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Messy Table (Junior)

Messy Table (Junior)

425.00(Excl. VAT + Delivery)


  • The Messy Table is a versatile outdoor or indoor activity teaching and learning table with multiple uses. It can also be used as a mud kitchen or as a tabletop chalk board. It can be used for lego storage & for building.
  • This piece of furniture can be purchased using the Minor Works Grant or can be applied for under the Furniture and Equipment Scheme.
  • Of particular interest to Special Schools, we have seen some schools use the tables to incorporate the TEACCH® Autism Program method of teaching, allowing pupils using TEACCH® to move from activities in each bowl one at a time.
  • A number of pupils can play together or side by side at this activity table to encourage parallel play and peer learning.
  • ASD classrooms attached to mainstream schools find it encourages integration as all pupils enjoy the novelty of the activities that can be planned around the table.
  • Useful in special schools where the playground needs to be meeting the needs of a wide variety of ages, it can be used for simple sorting lessons for the younger junior school pupils and ideal for messy science lessons with senior pupils.
  • Variable Leg Length available on request. Standard for Senior and Wheelchair access 725mm high and Low Profile 575mm high.


  • Junior Table caters for pods of 4 children and can be placed together for larger numbers.
  • An all-round affordable addition to any playground.
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Comes in two height levels: Standard and Low Profile.


Standard Length: 1200mm · Height: 725mm · Depth: 1200mm  €450

Low Profile Length: 1200mm · Height: 575mm · Depth: 1200mm  €425

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