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Finn Harps FC

Finn Harps FC


August 2022

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About the Project:

Great to get a thumbs up from Ollie Horgan Manager of Finn Harps FC and his coaching team who put our rebounders to work . SmallWall rebounders are made from all weather material, light weight to carry and easily disassembled for ease of transportation. The rebounder can be flipped over to offer the user a different angle of return increasing the level of difficulty. The rebounder is ideal for training sessions, touchline warm ups and even aids rehabilitation drills as Ronan @convoysportstherapy gladly pointed out.

Photos from the Installation:

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A word from...
Ronan Steede
(Convoy Sports Therapy)

Great piece of equipment and it got a brilliant reaction from the outfield, keeper coaches & medical staff. Highly recommended and its highly likely that more of these items will be sought soon. Continued success @smallwallschoolproducts from us all at Finn Harps FC.


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