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Horizontal Climbing Boards

Horizontal Climbing Boards

110.00(Excl. VAT + Delivery)


  • Horizontal Climbing
  • Ideal for beginners, pre-schools and special needs education
  • Climbing moves can be performed and practiced in a variety of ways
  • Use fundamental movements such as agility, balance and co-ordination
  • Attractive design encourages participation in physical activity


  • Ideal way to introduce children to climbing safely
  • Our most popular school product
  • No special knowledge or skills required by supervisors
  • Ideal for installation on walls and fences
  • Made from recycled plastic


Here at SmallWall we are driving Children across the wall not up the walls. Our Horizontal climbing boards boards are installed at an average height of 1,700mm from ground to top of top board. A distance of 600mm between ground and top of bottom boards ensures boards are fixed below the recommended critical fall height. SmallWall installation team available if required and boards can be fixed onto suitable walls and fencing. Please note our boards are made from plastic and may warp slightly on sunny days but will always return to shape.


Length: 1200mm · Height: 400mm · Depth: 100mm

More Info

Children and young people with intellectual disabilities other cognitive disabilities such as ADHD, ASD, ADD, ODD (the list goes on) can benefit greatly from the Occupational Therapy that using their own body weight to work hard and in turn to ground themselves can bring.

People with poor muscle tone will benefit from being able to pull themselves up to the wall. This is an activity that is high intensity but does not require running around or much prior fitness to get started.Having to concentrate on your hands and feet and make decisions and setting a challenge for yourself all at the same time.

There are huge benefits of emotional regulation from using a climbing wall. Using high levels of concentration and coordination and being associated with an early experience of goal achievement all hugely benefit our emotional regulation. Something which many of the Children and young adults with disabilities struggle with.

This type of high intensity exercise forces us to “disengage from negative stimuli” and helps us let go of unhelpful thinking patterns. This is so helpful for people who suffer from anxiety.

SmallWalls  Horizonal  Climbing Boards are an ideal addition to the school playground. Climbing moves can be performed and practiced in a variety of ways.

Our climbing boards are designed for children to move horizontally in a safe manner and at a height that is easy to step down from. To move efficiently across involves using skills such as concentration, agility, balance, co-ordination, centre of gravity and weight transfer.

The boards can be mounted on suitable fencing, existing astro-turf arenas or fixed onto solid walls in schools using appropriate fixings.