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Target Board (Senior)

Target Board (Senior)

675.00(Excl. VAT + Delivery)


  • Designed to engage children to participate in physical activity
  • Use fundamental movements such as catch, kick, strike and throw
  • Can be used for structured or unstructured play
  • Suitable for all age and abilities
  • Ideal for beginners, pre-schools and special needs education
  • Standalone version can be used from both sides
  • Ideal for sports days and summer camps


  • Ideal way to introduce children to new sports
  • No special knowledge or skills required by supervisors
  • Ideal for installation on walls and fences
  • All weather material
  • Standalone or fixed
  • Easily disassembled for storage


Target Board can be easily installed onto walls and fences in any suitable location. Level ground required and SmallWall installation team available if required.


Length: 1300mm · Height: 2050mm · Depth: 670mm

More Info

The Target Board engages children in using fundamental movements such as catch, kick, strike and throw.

It also develops co-ordination skills and is suitable for children of all ages including beginners, preschool and children with special needs. The Target Board is all weather and can be installed onto walls and fences.