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Cosy Cats Childcare

Cosy Cats Childcare


August 2021

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About the Project:

Cosy Cats is a childcare service located in Co Sligo. This childcare facility runs a breakfast club, preschool, afterschool and holiday club for children in the locality. Yvonne contacted us for a delivery of 6 Traverse Climbing Boards which were installed by themselves on an external wall.


Photos from the Installation:

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A word from...

Just an update on our small wall transverse boards . 

The children are really enjoying them .With the way we have placed them it means that the younger children in Preschool can have fun with them and while the higher ones are better for our Junior and senior After School who tend to be more adventurous.

The boards have encouraged them to develop their physical activity and their movement skills. It is great to see their improvement in attempting the climbing over the past couple of weeks. A brilliant idea well done.


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