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North Bay Educate Together National School

North Bay Educate Together National School


December 2021

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About the Project:

North Bay Educate Together National School is a multi-denominational school located in the heart of the Kilbarrack community, in Dublin 5.  It first opened its doors in 1990 with only one teaching principal.  The enrolment was a mixed class of Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class and it has grown considerably since then, having a current enrolment of 217 children and have 14 teachers, 5 SNAs and an administrative principal.

We installed a total of 26 Traverse Climbing Boards, 2 Balance Boards, 2 A Frames, 2 Senior Cocoons along with 10 safety mats into the school to provide lots of opportunities for children to develop movement skills, strength and co-ordination skills in a fun environment.

Photos from the Installation:

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