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The Model School

The Model School



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About the Project:

The Model National School is a small, vibrant, rural school under Protestant Patronage. The school predominantly serves the Protestant community area. Children are taught to respect and appreciate each other. Our children are encouraged and motivated in a nurturing atmosphere to use their talents and fulfil their unique potential.

We are five teacher school with four mainstream class teachers and a Special Educational Needs (S.E.T.) teacher. We have one full time Special Needs Assistant (S.N.A.) and one part-time Special Needs Assistant. The school also employs a part time caretaker and secretary.

All children take part in tennis, dance, gymnastics and soccer/GAA activities throughout the year. In addition, children in 1st-6th class are taught to play the tin whistle while 3rd-6th classes also have the option of fiddle/violin lessons. Children from 3rd-6th class partake in swimming lessons.

Photos from the Installation:

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